26th October 2018 Clan Farquharson
In Gatherings

In August 2019 Alan Caig will have served a total of 7 years as President and the constitution requires him to stand down. We are therefore looking to appoint a new President.  Such a person will need some or all of the following skills:-

  1. Resident in the United Kingdom.
  2. Be scrupulously honest, responsible and trustworthy.
  3. Be of sound financial and moral probity.
  4. Have a good working knowledge of Scottish culture and highland dress.
  5. Computer skills – principally Word and Excel and able to use email.
  6. Good organisational ability in planning and leading all of our events.
  7. Generally a good administrator and record-keeper.
  8. Able to “read” accounts.
  9. Tactful, diplomatic, and able to keep confidences.
  10. Experience in dealing with people at all social levels in society.
  11.  Moderate in temperament and calm in a crisis.
  12. Able to use initiative and think “on the hoof”.
  13. Other skills that may be identified.

And don’t forget a sense of humour and the ability to sample lots of whiskies !

Applications should please be sent to the clan email  –       and should include as much information as possible relating to the skills outlined above, any others that may be useful or relevant and appropriate personal information. Tentative discussions with Alan Caig are encouraged before making an application, on his mobile  078 050 72385.

Suitable applicants may be invited to meet some of the committee or to join a committee meeting.

Any appointment must be made at an AGM on a majority vote of all members present.