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Our Honorary Vice Presidents

A year ago we were delighted to welcome Angus and Alison Farquharson as our first honorary vice presidents in recognition of the huge support they had given and continue to give to the association.

The couple are resident on the Finzean estate where they are active supporters of maintaining and developing a sustainable community in every sense of the word.

For Angus taking on an honorary role was an easy decision as he has been welcoming the queen on her visits to Aberdeenshire as Lord Lieutenant since 1998.

At the time of his appointment to Lord Lieutenant Angus had spent 14 years as the Deputy Lieutenant and 11 as the Vice Lord Lieutenant, working with his predecessor Capt Colin Farquharson (Lord Lieutenant from 1987 to 1998).

“it is the Queen’s appointment,” explained Angus. “The Queen is advised to appoint by the Prime Minister. I am her representative after that.”

“It was a rather historic occasion for the Clan in 1998. Colin Farquharson retired on August 12 and I took over after that . We welcomed the Queen at the gates of Balmoral, Colin, the chief and myself. Three Farquharson’s waiting to welcome the Queen: three Farquharson’s all under the age of 80. I thought it was rather unusual for the family.”

With experience as a council member of the Scottish Landowner’s Federation Angus wasn’t daunted by his new challenge.

“I am responsible for all Royal visits, and we get quite a lot. I welcome the Queen to the Braemar Games and when she arrives in the county.

“Prince Charles and the Princess Royal visit a lot too.

“I must have been to over 50 different occasions during the last few years.

“After a royal visit there is a great feeling of elation. It is something that is hard to explain.”
Angus’ other responsibilities include supporting army cadets, air cadets, sea, cadets, scouts and guides.

Last year he also became involved with citizenship ceremonies, welcoming new citizens to the UK. Each job is carried out with the help of Alison.

“She does all my secretarial work.” explained Angus. “My big problem is that I never have been that good with facts and figures.

“Anther thing Alison is good at is kicking me under the table if I am about to make a terrible faux pas. It is nice having her sharing this with me.

Records indicate that Colin may have been the first Farquharson to take on the role of Lord Lieutenant and following in his footsteps Angus said: “I think it is a great honour for Colin and me. He was the first in his branch of the family and I was the first in the Finzean branch.”

Alan Caig was appointed Honorary Vice President in recognition of his many years in support of the clan society.