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Clan Farquharson Gathering

Attendees: Clan Chief, Joan, Alistair, Michael, Horst, Philip, Harold, Olive, Robin, Marie, Cabrini, Elizabeth, Stewart, Gordon, betty, George, David, Margaret, Alan.

  1. The Clan Chief gave a warm welcome to those attending and thanked them for showing their support for the clan society.
  2. Apologies for absence were received from: Desmond & Lily Quaite, Sidney Waite.
  3. The minutes of 2016 AGM were approved.
  4. There were no matters arising from 2016 AGM.
  5. The President’s gave the following report :-
    1. The first I must do is to thank each and every one of our committee members for their hard work during the year doing all of the organisation behind the scenes. Without them this gathering simply would not take place. Similarly, I would like to thank the Clan Chief and Philip for their support.
    2. The gathering in 2016 was a huge success. We had a full programme of events including a visit to Drum Castle hosted by the Irvine Clan Chief David Irvine, a reception in Braemar Castle to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of John and Samantha (which took place in USA in October). Perhaps the most notable event was the visit by Prince Charles to our clan tent, for the second time, at the Ballater highland Games. Unfortunately he did not have time to come into the tent to meet everybody. It is to be hoped that he will visit the games more often. Perhaps the most striking point of last year’s gathering was that the atmosphere was back to its high spirits with everybody having a jolly good time. The chief brought a large party of family and friends and they all came to dinner in the Deeside inn. Diane Wright provided her usual high standard of piping at our various events and she was joined by pipers from the new Braemar Piping Association.
    3. Dale Johnson took videos of the games and our visit to the cairn and these are on Facebook for all to see. Dale took a video of our visit to the cairn on Wednesday and this is already on Facebook.
    4. We were privileged once again to welcome Alison Lady Farquharson to the last AGM and we were very saddened to have to report her passing just three weeks later. Her funeral was attended by Alistair and Joan and a floral tribute was provided. Although the family had requested no flowers, Donald placed our flowers on the coffin. You will have seen the tribute to Alison which is linked on the front page of our web site.
    5. The committee met in Edinburgh in January and at their own expense. We have been looking at items that we may sell at the games and on the web site in order to increase our funds, having membership certificates, having clan name badge. We have in mind having some canvas shopping bags with the crest printed, ties, umbrellas, and polo shirts with a badge.
    6. The Lion’s Face was a bumper edition last autumn. This will continue to be sent out by email due to the high cost of printing and posting although it will be posted to those members who do not use email. We may send out a larger number of smaller issues.
    7. We are looking for a person to manage the web site. This person does not have to be very computer literate as we have a very good lady who does the technical stuff for us.
    8. On finance, this year we negotiated with the games committee that on the basis we host the Best Dressed Highlander Competition and provide the judges, that we would not pay any fee for our tent on the games field. This arrangement will continue. We have about £3000.00 in the bank and this will be maintained as a financial cushion to finance future activities. There are no plans to increase the membership fees. The committee do not claim for their routine expenses for telephone, postage, etc but just the larger items of expenditure.
    9. Questions are welcome.
  6. The Treasurer gave a report indicating the financial transactions since the last AGM and gave a figure for the bank balance of £3835.05 as at 5.7.17. It is intended to keep a balance of £3000.00 as a financial cushion. Robin asked if a modest increase in membership fees and he agreed to raise this at the next AGM, having analysed next year’s costs.
  7. Membership 7. Membership Certificates. It had been decided to resurrect the previous practice of issuing membership certificates signed by the Clan Chief. To ensure all current members have a signed membership certificates new ones will be printed and sent out by post. The President thanked Philip Farquharson for arranging with the Invercauld Estate office to print these certificates, even though technology prevented this from happening.
  8. The following appointments were made:-
    1. President – Alan Caig.
    2. Vice President – Joan Farquharson.
    3. Treasurer and Membership Secretary – Margaret Finlay.
    4. Editor of Lion’s Face - Horst Kraus.
    5. Web Site Manager - George.
    6. Committee members - Philip Farquharson, David Coates.
    7. Pipers to the Clan Chief and Clan Farquharson UK – Horst Kraus and Ansgar Boehmer.
    8. Chaplain – Desmond Quaite
  9. Appointment of Honorary Vice Presidents and Honorary Members. Following the passing last year of our Honorary Vice President Alison Lady Farquharson, the President had a conversation with her eldest son, Donald Farquharson. Donald wishes to attend our next committee meeting and discuss the way(s) in which the Finzean branch of the clan may become more involved in the clan society.
    The following were appointed Honorary Members - Scott Fraser, John Farquharson (Worthing).
  10. Any Other Business.
    1. Stewart – could we lower the height of the clan banner at the games tent.
    2. Margaret – feedback from clan members on all of our activities very welcome.

The meeting closed at 11.10am.


Download the 2017 AGM minutes here (PDF)

AGM minutes