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Clan Farquharson Gathering

Attendees: Capt Farquharson, Alison Lady Farquharson, Alan Caig, Alistair Farquharson, Joan Farquharson, Margaret Finlay, John Patterson, David Coates, Philip Farquharson, Stuart Farquharson, Betty Farquharson, Gordon Farquharson, Desmond Quaite, Lily Quaite, Michael Hill.

  1. At 10.15am the Clan Chief gave a warm welcome to all those attending and declared that this meeting was the only and correct AGM for Clan Farquharson UK in 2016.
  2. Apologies for absence were received from Sir Angus Farquharson, John F, Ansgar & Christine Boehmer, Horst & Uschi Kraus, Stuart & Ursula F-Roberts, Stewart Coutts, Steve & Sally Couch, Arthur & Elizabeth F, Sydney Waite, Margaret F.(Dereham), Rick Bowman, Francois Amoretti, Nella Rabusseau, Scott Fraser, Roxana & Andros Vuskalns.
  3. The meeting approved the minutes of 2015 AGM.
  4. There were no matters arising from 2015 AGM.
  5. The President’s gave the following report :-
    First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our committee members, Alistair, Joan, Margaret, John, Ansgar and Philip (who we co-opted after last year’s AGM). They have all worked extremely hard behind the scene to get our society back into proper organisation, and to plan and manage this year’s gathering. They have worked with the society and its members in mind, not themselves, which is not something we have seen in recent years.
    In October 2015 our expelled former president Andrew Farquharson gave our money (£6,300) to Braemar Castle, by posing as the President of Clan Farquharson UK. This was reported to the police following our earlier complaint that the money had been removed from our bank account. Andrew was called into the police station and was interviewed. Fortunately, I had forewarned the castle that this might happen, and Simon Blackett informed us when the money arrived. With the aid of Sussex Police we recovered the money.
    When we discovered what had happened to our money, the committee considered whether to accept an application for membership from Gordon Farquharson, former treasurer. The committee decided not to accept such an application from him or Jane. Gordon agreed that we return their membership subscriptions that he sent us as he did not wish to join again.
    The committee also considered whether to accept a membership application from Douglas & Jeanette Farquharson. In view of their vociferous support of Andrew Farquharson and the disgraceful tone in several emails, the committee decided to not accept their application.
    Donation £100.00 to Ballater Floods Appeal, before we recovered our money and a donation of £50.00 in support of the Ballater Charitable Chiels for a sponsored walk up Lochnagar. We sponsored a tree (cost £30.00), one of 90 being planted in Ballater on Prince Charles’s Birkhall Estate to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and to help environmentally with flood defences. Invercauld Highlanders USA also donated a tree.
    Our pipers, Ansgar and Horst cannot be with us this year. Horst’s pipe band is playing at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow. I have asked him to write a report with photos for the next Lion’s Face. Horst asks me to pass on his best wishes for a successful gathering and he assures me that he will be with us next year. Similarly, I hope John and Samantha will provide a report with photos on their wedding in the autumn.
    We hosted, for the second year running, the Best Dressed Highlander Competition at the Ballater Highland Games and this year the judges were David Irvine (Clan Chief of Clan Irvine), Michel Brat (Jacobite living in Braemar) and Alasdair Colquohoun (Lamont Sporrans) who all did a fine job. They were managed by David Coates, so all went smoothly. Samantha Brown won the open category.
    Our new constitution was adopted by the committee and this has been on the web site for a few months. I have received no comments on it and we will look at this shortly. The principal changes are the following :-
    1. We have introduced a category of honorary membership, not just Hon Vice Presidents.
    2. We have extended the complaints procedure.
    3. We have, with his approval, taken the Clan Chief and his immediate heir from the committee as a voting member, and left this on the basis that Philip may join the committee as a voting member. Clan Chief and his heir may attend committee meetings and speak but not vote.
    4. The power to suspend from membership.
    5. Code of conduct.
    6. Disposal of our money in the event of winding up.
    I would like record our thanks to Dale Johnson, the videographer of Braemar who has taken still photographs and videos of our events this week. He has already put them up on Facebook, including yesterday’s games day, even though he is going on holiday today.
    Stuart Farquharson gave a report on the current state of Clan Farquharson USA which had some upheaval recently, but which has now settled.
  6. The Treasurer gave the following report:-
    We have 58 members at present.
    The old account bank statements were not made available to us after Andrew Farquharson closed it, so a new bank account has been set up.
    Games day lunches £140.00
    Subscriptions £535.00
    Donations £35.00
    TOTAL £710.00
    Donations Ballater floods £210.00
    Printing & postage £255.32
    Graphics for web site £115.00
    Glenaden room hire for AGM £85.00
    Edinburgh room hire for com meeting £57.50
    TOTAL £722.82
    Bank balance as at 3 June 2016 was £6175.27.
    The meeting extended a vote of thanks to Margaret.
  7. The Constitution which was prepared following the 2015 AGM and adopted by the committee pending today’s AGM, was approved by the AGM today.
    1. Following a discussion it was agreed to make donations of £500.00 each to the Finzean School of Piping and the Braemar Piping Association.
  8. It was agreed to not purchase two Pipe Banner for use by pipers whilst representing Clan Farquharson. Lady Alison has a pipe banner she will loan to us as and when required.
  9. There were no further nominations for the committee posts. Alistair thanked the committee for their work and proposed that the current committee be re-voted in. This was agreed unanimously.
  10. It was agreed that we continue to send out membership cards and certificates. The Chief to be invited to sign all new membership certificates.
  11. The wearing of medals and decorations at appropriate events is permitted.
  12. Michael Hill suggested that we make the location of the cairn available on the web site and this will be done.
  13. It was agreed following a discussion that our main communications tools should be the web site, Facebook and emails, although we would still post letters to those members who do not use email.
  14. The following appointments were agreed (Immediate Past President is automatically a member of the committee):-
    1. President – Alan Caig
    2. Vice President – Joan Farquharson
    3. Secretary and Treasurer - Margaret Finlay
    4. Membership Secretary –
    5. Editor of Lion’s Face – John Patterson
    6. Committee members – David Coates and Philip Farquharson

The meeting closed at 11.57am.


Download the AGM minutes here (PDF)

AGM minutes