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Clan Farquharson Gathering
  1. The Clan Chief gave a very warm welcome to all members. He said he was delighted and cheered by the several members attending today. He expressed his gratitude to Alistair and Joan for their help in keeping the clan society functioning, and also to Margaret Finlay and Alan Caig. The chief introduced his great nephew Philip Farquharson.
  2. Members attending were :- Alistair Farquharson, Philip Farquarson, Joan Farquharson, Alan Caig, Margaret Finlay, Ansgar Boehmer, Horst Kraus, Jane Hill, Michael Hill, Gordon Farquharson (Portpatrick), Stuart Farquarson, Betty Farquharson, Ian Farquharson, David Coates. Overseas members attending were:- John Patterson, Apologies for absence were received from Mr & Mrs Quaite, Sidney Waite, Jane Farquharson, Roxana and Andris, Arthur, Elizabeth, Muriel, Ray, Gordon, Jane, Desmond, Lily, John (Ferring), Jane, Christine Boehmer, Ursula Kraus, Alison, Angus, Tony, Helen, George, Briony, Ursula & Stuart Farquharson.
  3. Chairman, Alistair Farquharson, gave a general update on clan affairs since the last AGM. He outlined the expulsion of Andrew Farquharson (former president) as from 12 noon on 4 March 2015 following his formal police warning for sending a malicious communication whilst carrying out clan affairs. Following the expulsion the Clan Chief wrote to Andrew supporting the committee decision and he also wrote to the overseas associations advising them. Alistair also made it known that the clan bankers, RBS, had advised that a problem exists with the bank account which is no longer “live”, and that on the advice of the bank a formal report has been made to the Police Fraud Action Team, whose report following their investigation is awaited. Alistair reported that following Gordon Farquharson’s resignation as treasurer and subsequent resignation from the committee Margaret Finlay has been appointed as treasurer with the approval of the Clan Chief. Alistair thanks his wife Joan, Margaret Finlay and Alan Caig for their help during the past year.
  4. The Clan Chief confirmed that this meeting is the correct and only annual general meeting of Clan Farquharson UK for 2015.
  5. Minutes of the 2014 AGM were approved as an accurate record of that meeting. It is recorded that in paragraph 12 Jane Marland did not agree to stand for election as treasurer.
  6. There were no matters arising from the 2014 AGM
  7. Treasurer’s report (including membership) – Margaret Finlay.
    1. The membership and subscriptions are still not completed. We may have to simply start afresh and write-off any outstanding money.
    2. Gordon, Jane and Hannah have arrears of subscriptions, although Gordon said he took this out of his expenses. I do not know what those expenses are.
    3. There were some direct debits for some mobile phones insurance. There are ticks on the bank statements indicating that somebody had seen the entries and accepted them. The cost to us was £189.00 of which £108.00 was repaid, leaving us £81.00 short.
    4. We have an account called “ C & A Farquharson” but I do not know what this is for. It is a dormant account with £30.00 in it.
    5. The true cost of the committee meeting in London was not the £85.00 that Andrew stated last year. They hired the Waterloo Room with tea, coffee, biscuits for £27.40 and also the Rugby Room for £90.00. There was also a charge for travel of £35.40, making a total cost to us of £152.40.
    6. Andrew or Gordon still have the 2015 bank statements.
    7. We have about £7300.00 but we do not know where it is as our RBS account is no longer live (Alan will cover this in more detail).
    8. I have opened a new account with Nat West and I have £120.00 ready to pay in. The details are on the new membership application form.
  8. On a proposal from Alan Caig and seconded by Joan Farquharson and following a discussion the meeting voted that the decision by the committee to expel Andrew Farquharson of Worthing (former president) from membership of this society as from 12 noon on 4 March 2014 was upheld and endorsed on a majority vote (13 for, 1 against, 2 abstentions).
  9. Alan Caig proposed and Ansgar Boehmer seconded and following a discussion the meeting voted unanimously that the committee proceed with the report to the Police Fraud Action Team in relation to this society’s bank account and empowered the committee to take whatever civil or criminal action they decide is necessary following the police investigation.
  10. Ansgar Boehmer proposed and Gordon Farquharson seconded and following a discussion it was agreed on a unanimous vote that Andrew Farquharson, former president, and Gordon Farquharson, former treasurer, hand over to the president all books, papers, equipment, intellectual property, electronic data, accounting documents including full details of all accounts in which the funds of this society have been or are currently held, all money, and all other property of this society AND that the committee be empowered to take legal action against those persons in order to recover such property and money.
  11. 2016 Gathering:-
    1. Gathering to start on the Monday
    2. Leisure activities – David Irvine of Drum has offered to conduct a tour of Drum Castle and Catriona Farquharson of Finzean will has offered to host a visit to Finzean House.
    3. Formal Dinner possibly at Deeside Inn.
    4. Continued attendance at Ballater Highland Games.
  12. Constitution – Alan Caig proposed and Ian Farquharson seconded and after a discussion it was agreed on a unanimous vote that the committee be empowered to amend the constitution and circulate it to the membership by post or email for their comments. Thereafter the committee be empowered to adopt the new constitution on behalf of the membership pending formal adoption at the 2016 AGM and that a vice president be appointed.
  13. Accounts – Margaret Finlay proposed and Joan Farquharson seconded it was agreed on a unanimous vote that the society’s new bank account with Nat West be adopted and that all withdrawals shall be the signatures of any two of Margaret Finlay, Joan Farquharson, David Coates and Alan Caig.
  14. Proposed by Alan Caig and seconded by Joan Farquharson it was agreed on a unanimous vote that this society to liaise with the Ballater Highland Games Committee in order that we may continue to host the Best Dressed Highlander Competition.
  15. Proposed by Margaret Finlay and seconded by Joan Farquharson and on a unanimous vote membership subscriptions were set for 2015/16 at £15.00 individual and £25.00 family.
  16. Proposed by Alan Caig and seconded by David Coates it was agreed on a majority vote that Gordon Farquharson be forthwith suspended from membership of this society until such time as the Police Fraud Action Team have completed their investigation into the clan banking situation. This is on the basis that Gordon Farquharson has, on the face of it, failed in his duty to look after our money whilst occupying the position of treasurer and looking after our accounts following his resignation as treasurer (15 in favour, 1 against, no abstentions).
  17. The following elections to the committee were made :-
    1. President – Alan Caig ( 14 for, 2 abstentions)
    2. Vice President – Joan Farquharson
    3. Secretary and Treasurer - Margaret Finlay
    4. Membership Secretary – Ansgar Boehmer
    5. Editor of Lion’s Face – John Patterson
    6. Web Site Manager - Alan Caig
    7. Committee members – David Coates, Gordon Farquharson (Portpatrick)
  18. Any other business:-
    1. Ian Farquharson – proposed a vote of thanks to Alistair and Joan Farquharson for their excellent hosting of the clan tent yesterday and the meeting gave their thanks in the usual way.

We certify that this is an accurate record of the 2015 AGM.


Download the AGM minutes here (PDF)

AGM minutes