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AGM 2010 Minutes

Minutes of The Annual General Meeting held at The Glenaden Hotel. BALLATER ON SATURDAY, 14TH AUGUST, 2010



Clan Chief, Captain Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld. President Dr Alistair Farquharson, Vice-Presidents Sir Angus and Lady Alison Farquharson and Alan Caig, Treasurer Gordon Farquharson, Membership Secretary Valerie Farquharson, Andrew Farquharson, Margaret Finlay. Clan Members attending the Gathering.



Geoffrey Farquharson


Welcome from the Chief

Captain Farquharson warmly welcomed all those present and on behalf all Clan members, offered special congratulations to Sir Angus Farquharson on receiving a knighthood. The Chief then related an interesting item of news he had read which involved a young man by the name of Tom Farquharson winning a Lawn Tennis Association junior doubles tennis match. Captain Farquharson wrote to Tom, sending him congratulations on behalf of Clan Farquharson and adding that as far as we know, he is the first Farquharson to achieve such success in the tennis world and advising him of our clan motto. Tom replied, saying how grateful he was to hear from The Chief and assuring him that he was aiming to do well in his forthcoming matches and to bring honour to the Clan. This news was well-received by members, who wished to thank our Chief for his interest in Tom’s achievements.

Minutes of the AGM held on 30th July 2009 - previously circulated

It was proposed by Ian Farquharson and seconded by Valerie Farquharson that these minutes be approved.
All those present voted for acceptance.


Matters arising which are not covered elsewhere on the agenda

It was noted that the 2009 Edinburgh Homecoming celebrations last year were very successful and that the ensuing gathering in Ballater was extremely good and much enjoyed by all.

Special mention was made of Simon Blackett’s excellent organisation for the Invercauld Estate outing this year (2010) and for our thanks to be conveyed to him. The Games had gone well and three new members had signed on in the clan tent.


Presidentís Annual Report


Treasurer’s Annual Report

Highlights of the last year had included The Homecoming and the number of events. The cost of The Homecoming and The Ballater Week totalled £6,251 with an income of £7,500 from attendees. Our present bank balance is £5,800.00. It was proposed by Sir Angus and seconded by Maureen Farquharson that these accounts should be approved and those present all agreed.




Membership secretary’ s report

Valerie reported that we have lost a few members but gained others and the membership numbers stand at 106, a slight increase.

Valerie said how much the Worthing ‘get-togethers’ are enjoyed and she thanked Alistair and Joan for coming south in April and joining other clan members. These days are open to everyone in the clan. Valerie also mentioned the desirability of encouraging families to take up membership. A discussion on ways and means of encouraging others to join ensued and many members offered their help in making telephone or other contacts, starting with Farquharsons and moving on to Finlays and others. Maureen Farquharson had some reservations about this mode of enlisting members. Stuart Farquharson mentioned genealogy websites as a basis for making lists as well as the BT lists. Andrew Farquharson recalled that trying to encourage past members to rejoin had not been successful and said that encouraging people needed to be balanced against interesting events and in connection with this, reminded members that people needed to feel that this would be a good summer holiday. As next year will be the tenth anniversary of the re-instatement of the Clan Farquharson Association, it was a good time for looking ahead and planning events which might appeal to many members and guests. Joan had mentioned the difficulty of getting young people to join and wondered if Lion’s face Editor Hannah might have any suggestions.


Newsletter - Editor’ s report

On behalf of Hannah, Gordon updated members of the current situation. Copies of The Lion’s Face had gone out to everyone and Valerie was thanked for her introduction of a smaller printed copy. After considering postage costs, Alan Caig proposed that the printed copies should be available for distribution to everyone and this was seconded by Maureen. The membership approved this item. Gordon and Hannah were thanked for their excellent work with the production of The Lion’s face which is always a pleasure to read.


The Website

Andrew Farquharson of Findon reported that the website needs to be updated regularly as and when required especially where dates for events are concerned and accommodation may have to be booked. Victoria Week is very popular for tourists as are the Aboyne Games on the first Saturday of the month. Andrew F ‘The Web’, looks after our website and Morag details input. Morag and Andrew The Web work alongside each other and Andrew (Findon) produces the content and monitors the website, from which he also takes messages from those ‘visiting’ it. Ideally, all past copies of The Lion’s face would also be available. Links to the site also include the local pipe bands and other items of a non-commercial nature. Andrew was thanked for his valuable input and report.

Andrew (President)

Election of officers and committee

President Alistair has two more years to run, Our honorary vice-presidents, Sir Angus and Lady Alison and Alan Caig remain in that position for life and the remainder of the committee was re-elected en bloc with the approval of the membership.


Review of 2010 gathering and future plans

It was unanimously agreed that this year’s gathering had so far been a huge success and thanks were due to all those who had organised it, helped in a practical way and supported the events. As previously mentioned, the Invercauld Estate outing had been a highlight of the week.

Regarding future plans, with the 10th anniversary of the resuming of the Clan Association coming up next year, suggestions from the floor included a highland ball, a visit to Callater with a picnic, A visit could include more information about the archives which were so interestingly introduced by Dr Sheila Sedgewick this year, and also some ‘hands on’ practical activities.

t was anticipated that an attractive programme could be drawn up between The Aboyne Games and throughout Victoria Week.


12. Future Gatherings

The band of Nova Scotia hopes to be with us next year or the year after.

It was suggested that we have outings to other Farquharson strongholds. Maybe the Invercauld estate by 4 wheel drive to include a picnic.


Any other busines and Close of the meeting

A suggestion from the floor that Tom Farquharson should be offered free clan membership was greeted with full approval and The Chief agreed to write to him.

Joan Farquharson proposed thanks to all the officers and committee and President Alistair warmly thanked The Chief for his presence and contribution.

It was agreed that the AGM had been a useful source of debate and in conclusion, The President said how pleased we were that American Clan President Sharon Farley had participated in the Gathering, together with Roxana Vuskalns, a regular attendee also from The States.

After thanking all the membership for their attendance, The President closed the meeting at 12.10pm.


AGM minutes