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AGM 2009 Minutes

Held on 30th July 2009, at 1100 hrs in the Loirston Hotel, Ballater



The Chief welcomed everyone to the meeting, with a special welcome for those from abroad. He thanked everyone for his birthday present and said that the clock was ticking.

2. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Angus and Alison Farquharson, Hannah Jones, Geoffrey Farquharson and Margaret Farquharson.

3. Minutes of previous AGM held in August 2008

Acceptance of the minutes of the last AGM that had been posted on the web site - Proposed Stewart Farquharson. Seconded Val Farquharson. Approved unanimously.


4. Matters Arising

All the matters arising will be addressed during this meeting.


5. Presidentís report - Andrew Farquharson.

Andrew said that there had been two committee meetings over the year, one after last years AGM and one by email as that was much easier than trying to physically meet, and all the committee were then involved, not just those who could get to the meeting.

Andrew – AGM report notes required please

Edinburgh – Andrew had accompanied the Chief to the Chief’s meeting and will write up the notes to go on the web site.

Andrew – Edinburgh summary required.


6. Treasurer’s report – Gordon Farquharson

Accounts; Copies were circulated. Gordon said that the association maintained solvency and a small margin had been made on events last year. The £1,016 surplus from 2008 is to be kept to make sure a positive balance is maintained and there is always a small amount to cover bookings etc for the gathering.

Gordon thanked clan members from the UK and abroad for contributing to the Culloden stone fund. It was a remarkable effort to raise the money so quickly.

Braemar Castle fund. Gordon said that the Braemar Community Trust have good fund raising mechanisms in place so the Clan will not do anything separate but will promote and support the trust and they, in return will try to identify income from Clan members, for information.

The biggest cost is the infrastructure of the castle needing over £1million to render the outside. If UK members wish to contribute the trust can reclaim tax provided gift aid donations are made.

There were no questions concerning the accounts.

Acceptance of the accounts - Proposed Maureen Farquharson. Seconded Kevin Farquharson. Approved unanimously.

Subscriptions; proposed to remain unaltered. This means that standing orders will not need to be changed as we tend to loose people when this happens. Proposed Ian Farquharson. Seconded Desmond Quaite. Approved unanimously.

From the floor, Erika farquharson suggested that PayPal is looked at as a way of collecting the subscriptions and overseas payments in the future.









Gordon Farquharson






Gordon Farquharson

7. Membership and Recruitment

Val Farquharson reported that membership is about 100.
There have been problems with obtaining money from people who are not resident in the UK. Ways of paying will be discussed by the committee (see section 6, where reference is made to investigating PayPal.


8. Newsletter - Lions Face – report on behalf of Hannah Jones (nee Farquharson)

Lions’ Face. We continue to publish 2 Lions Face a year. A plea for contributions to the Lion’s Face, with photographs, was put out on Hannah Jones’ (editor) behalf. Family and interesting articles can be sent in draft form and Hannah will edit it. Aim is to send it by email in the future when enough people can receive it. If anyone is not receiving a copy please let Val know.


9. The Website

The web site is much more up to date and has a message board from which there is good feed back. The Australian news letter is on the our web site. The Australians do not have a web site. There are links to the web sites in America, Canada and Nova Scotia. Photographs from the gathering will be available on the website to be downloaded and then printed. Jessops do a good service.

Andrew (President)

10. Election of committee members & officers

As Andrew retired as president he thanked Gordon and Hannah, Val, Alastair and Joan (for tents) Alan Caig and Geoffrey, as well as Margaret for her useful reminders. He also thanked the Chief for his constant support.

There were no further nominations and everyone was willing to stand again. The vote was therefore to confirm the whole committee en-block so the vote was to take on the whole committee. This was approved unanimously.

President; Alastair Farquharson was proposed by Val Farquharson seconded Andrew Farquharson and passed unanimously.

The Chief thanked Andrew for all his hard work as he had the heaviest burden of all the presidents of the last 9 years with the homecoming etc.

He also welcomed Alastair as he had Alastair’s grandfather as president in the 1940s (known as “big Jim Farquharson”).

Andrew (the farmer) Farquharson will remain on the committee.

Gordon Farquharson said a few words of thanks to Andrew, and asked the Chief to present Andrew with a bottle of single malt Whisky.


11. Gathering 2009

The dinner in Edinburgh on Sunday evening was deemed a great success with 90 people attending.

There were also 90 people at the Farquharson gathering events.

Andrew asked members what they liked and what they want.

A path to the cairn was talked about, to ease access, but it was deemed not feasible as it would only be used a couple of times a year, and might be an unwanted signal to vandals.


12. Future Gatherings

The band of Nova Scotia hopes to be with us next year or the year after.

It was suggested that we have outings to other Farquharson strongholds. Maybe the Invercauld estate by 4 wheel drive to include a picnic.


13. Any other busines

Members were informed of the Braemar Calendar 2010 being sold to support the trust.

A vote of thanks for the work of the committee was proposed by Robin Farquharson (Ireland)

Jeanette thanked everyone for giving her the honour to carry the flag up the Royal Mile.


14. Close of the meeting

The Chief closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their support.
He mentioned the interest of a 10year old Farquharson living in Edinburgh who had found the Clan tent at the Homecoming in Edinburgh on his own volition, there is hope yet! The Chief said “Haste ye back” and asked those from other parts to take back greetings to all Farquharsons at home.

Complied by Gordon Farquharson


AGM minutes