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AGM 2008 Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Glen Lui Hotel on 15-08-2008



Andrew Farquharson (President) welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

Chiefs welcome; The chief welcomed everyone, including Angus and Alison, Andrew and all the committee. He welcomed foreign guests and thanked everyone for their support. He expressed regret that he was unable to join the outing the Farquharson territory and the distillery (he would miss his dram).

1.2 Reference was made to the sad loss of Beryl Hardy Nisbett in the past year and that a personal tribute and wreath had been sent. A new high commissioner to represent the Chief, Bruce Findlay, had been appointed.

1.3 The Chief commented on the wonderful support that had been given to the Culloden Stone appeal from home and overseas, particularly from the U.S.A.

1.4 The Chief referred to the original Clan Farquharson Society founded by James Farquharson, grandfather of Alistair, in Aberdeen in the 1940's, but which more or less died with him in 1957. Fortunately the organisation was resurrected by Alan Caig in 2000 AD to whom many thanks are due.

2. Apologies for Absence, had been received from:

Val and John Farquharson, Hannah Jones, Geoffrey Farquharson and Gloria Banks.

3. The minutes of the AGM 2007 were agreed, proposed by proposed Margaret Finlay. Seconded Joan Farquharson. Agreed unanimously.  

4. The President, Andrew Farquharson,

Andrew said that the committee meetings over the year had been carried out by phone and email as that was much easier than trying to physically meet, and all the committee were then involved, not just those who could get to the meeting.

Val had arranged a lunch at the Beach Hotel, Worthing for Southern members, that had been much enjoyed – Val was thanked. Andrew said that he would like to encourage others to do similar thing in other areas. It can be low key and local and not involve the committee.


5. Treasurer's Report.

Accounts; Copies were circulated. Gordon said that the fund raising for the Culloden stone had been very successful and was now complete and the stone in place. There are excess funds in the account which are kept in the bank to cover any functions that make a loss etc.
Acceptance of the accounts proposed Desmond Quaite. Seconded Gordon Farquharson (Glasgow). Agreed unanimously.                                                           

Subscriptions; proposed to remain unaltered. Proposed Jeanette Farquharson. Seconded Maureen Farquharson. Agreed unanimously.


6. Membership report.

In Val Farquharson’s absence it was reported that membership has remained the same at about 120.

Paying by standing order was now well established. Andrew made a plea for everyone to pay this way in order to ease the administration burden.


7. The Newsletter.

Lions’ Face. A plea for contributions to the Lion’s Face, with photographs, was put out on Hannah Jones (editor) behalf. The Lion’s Face is published twice a year. Aim is to send it by email in the future when enough people can receive it. If anyone is not receiving a copy please let Val know.

Jeannette and Douglas said that they have half done something and Desmond said that he has a picture of Martin, our piper. The next edition, after the Games Edition, will be at the end of the year, where there will be information on next year’s special gathering.

Martin has agreed to have a profile done on him as he has been a piper for 8 years and is now the Pipe Major. Andrew thanked Hannah (and Gordon) for their hard work. It was noted that Val’s email address printed in the latest edition is her old one.


8. The Clan Website

There is some concern that Andrew (the web) is not responding to e-mails. The web site needs amending and there are errors in some of the material. Andrew (President) to contact Andrew (the web).


9. Election of Committee and  Officers 2007/08  

There were no changes and therefore it was proposed to elect the committee en block.

  • Proposed Lilly Quaite. Seconded Jane Farquharson-Hill. Agreed unanimously.

9.1  President- Andrew Farquharson [Worthing]
      Vice President-Alan Caig
       Membership Secretary-Val Farquharson [ Worthing].
       Treasurer – Gordon Farquharson [Guildford]
       Newsletter Editor – Hannah Farquharson [Guildford]
        Officer  - website – Andrew Farquharson [Edinburgh]
        Officer – Margaret Finlay- [Biggin Hill]
        Officer – Alistair Farquharson- [Stonehaven]
        Officer – Clan History – Geoffrey Farquharson – [Peterculter]
        Honorary Vice Presidents – Angus and Alison Farquharson of Finzean

10. Gathering 2008.

Thanks were given to Joan and Alistair Farquharson for lending and erecting their Marquee and sorting out the buffet. It was very much appreciated.

Andrew (President) said that it was a pity not to have a Ceilidh but every fourth year the Agricultural Society takes possession of the hall, as they have priority. The school was available but the furniture is only suitable for 5-8 year olds.

In previous years, the Victoria Week committee had asked us to run the Ceilidh for the village but it was decided not to do so this year. Our Ceilidh was missed by the locals, so we need to decide if we re-instate it next year.

The dinner was at the start rather than the end of the gathering. It appears that people liked this, as the numbers were up on last year. It may be easier to book accommodation during the week, rather than include a weekend.

Jeanette & Douglas thought the beef served at the dinner was very tough.

At the Braemar Gathering we will have a table in the overseas tent, as usual. Joan and Alistair are happy to man that.

Members were reminded of the visit to the Cairn and the castle

11. Events in 2009

The Chief has a very busy time next year with the international gathering of the clans in Edinburgh. Alan Caig is our liaison person.

The Chief explained that over the three days there would be a convention for Chiefs in the Scottish Parliament, titled “the way ahead over the next century”. This would not involve clan members. But 130 Clans would be represented as well as those from abroad. On the second day there will be a march up the Royal Mile to the castle, for those with event passports, and a pageant will take place. The passport will cost £88.00 each. There will also be a civic reception and a dinner for the Chiefs. There will then be two days of Highland Games.

Each Clan has to man a tent over the 2 days (it was noted that we cannot provide our own refreshments). This should draw Scots from all over the world, but the Chief feels it is important that we should be represented.

Alan, as liaison, said that the march could take up to 2 hours as the roads that have to be crossed cannot be closed. There is no dress code for the march.

The passport will include the march, pageant and 2 days of games. New South Wales have members coming and Sharon Farley, USA, is bringing some people.

It is possible to attend just the highland games. The tent in which we will have a stand is just 10ftx10ft. Competitors have to pay to enter the games.

Margaret suggested that the Clan association could financially support a few representatives to go on the march etc. the standing council organising the event got the Chiefs on side by selling it as a home coming, but failed to point out the financial implications, when asking them to sign up. The Clan Farquharson UK committee will decide how to progress things.

Angus Farquharson talked about the celebrations next year for the 400th anniversary of the Farquharsons of Finzean House. There will be a concert on the Thursday before the Aboyne games, then a tent at the games and the next day, Sunday, there will be a service of thanks giving followed by a garden party at Finzean house, to which all members of the Clan are invited.

2009 Gathering; in view of all the above, Edinburgh being 3 weeks before the Ballater games, the gathering will be between the Edinburgh Clan Gathering and the Aboyne Games, 28th July to 2nd August, when we will have a Dinner and AGM in Ballater.

It is the Chief’s 90th Birthday in May, so we wish to mark that at our dinner.

The 2009 Ballater Games are 13th August, where we will have a tent and a presence.


12. Any Other Business.

Douglas said that with the dinner at the beginning of the week it was difficult to remember people’s names and suggested that we have labels. 

Alison explained that she has some Farquharson tartan silk made in India. Please contact her if you are interested in buying some.     

Michael Hill pointed out that there is no notice on the road to identify where our cairn is.

The Chief closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their support and hopes to keep the momentum going for next year. He looked forward to seeing everyone at the cairn and seeing everyone next year.


AGM minutes